Each piece handmade and unique

In the Black Forest, Biehrer – a deep-rooted, regional family firm in its second generation – produces stunning natural wood floors from freshly harvested giants of the forest using both traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. Our primary raw material is the oak, whose trees have grown for 150 to 300 years. Like our majestic Douglas firs and other types of wood, they come from 100% FSC or PEFC certified and selected growing areas and ensure the shortest possible transport routes – as with our sturdy Swiss oaks.

Every trunk is hand-picked by the master craftsman with a specific project in mind, with special grades and desires as regards form, colour and format also taken into consideration when cutting selectively. Accordingly each customised piece is limited, handmade, magnificent and unique. Unrivalled techniques with brushed, sawn timbers and an organic 3D surface feel yield natural, durable finishes due to processing with high-quality, ecological oils and soaps.

Consistent use of any residual wood materials and a photovoltaic system ensure – in a closed cycle – an excellent ecological balance, particularly if each tree processed later ends up living just as long a life in the form of flooring!

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