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In Austria, the name Amashaufer has since 1906 been inseparably associated with specialised hardwood processing. Eleven 100% PEFC certified wood types from the Vienna Woods or regional monastic or estate woods are processed here. Complete exploitation of the logs gave rise to the opportunity for a particularly innovative product with a solid seam, central position and stabilising layer from the same wood type. This patented technology unites in a unique manner all the advantages of a solid and three-layered natural wood floor and is unbeatable in terms of its perfection and functionality.

The enormous experience in cutting trunks in an in-house sawmill enables an extraordinary range of formats, forms and patterns. The modern solid wood floor – with a seamless, flat look and a surface protected with natural oils fully protected against soiling and discolouring – lends credence to every noble, timeless and sophisticated interior design!

The company has been awarded ecological test certificates for the glues it uses and a ‘full declaration’ for its products. Short transport routes for raw materials from one of the biggest hardwood areas of Central Europe and complete exploitation up to and including shavings and sawdust to satisfy the plant’s energy needs ensure that production is fully sustainable.

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