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In 1998 three pioneers in Belgium dedicated themselves with much inventive talent to the ageing of new French oak. This gave rise to an ageing and maturing process in the wood using a special procedure, now patented, which invests the new oak with an incredibly natural patina, depth and character. The products caused a sensation in the architectural world. This marked the advent of Di Legno, the original!

The processes have since been perfected in revolutionary high-tech production facilities and ecologically oriented as a result of adjoining wind power energy sources. Given their rich tannin content, the emphasis of our products is on 100% FSC and PEFC certified French/Central European oaks. Thanks to their unique character, signs of use and naturally oiled surfaces, individually crafted, solid floorboards, fishbone floors and parquet floors have found their way into the magnificent rooms of historical buildings.

New special ageing procedures are opening up a wide variety of ranges and colours, from genuine, matured, stone-washed natural wood floors, extra-narrow loft floors and freshly sawn surfaces to lightly patinated, modern, three-layered boards for hotel and restaurant projects, chalets and beach huts as well as traditional or urban living.

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